6 Wings $6 (1 Flavor)
12 Wings $11 (2 Flavors)
20 Wings $18 (2 Flavors)
50 Wings $46 (5 Flavors)
25 Sampler Platter $23 – (5 Flavors)
Served with crisp celery, baby carrots and chunky blue cheese or homemade zesty ranch dip. Extra dressing, baby carrots or celery $.75 each.




Backyard BBQSmoked and grilled then brushed with our perfect 10 sauce
Teriyaki Teriyaki Glaze
J. DanielsA southern whisky favorite with a touch of sweet teriyaki
Smokey QPerfect 10 sauce with a hint of hickory smoky
Fire Roasted Jalapeno Honey Mustard*The Name explains it all
Maui Wowii *2011 Wingfest Winner! Pineapple, ginger and soy delight
Strawberry Jalapeño **Perfect 10 sauce blended with strawberries and jalapeños
Hot Asian **2010 Wingfest Winner! Starts off sweet and finishes with some heat
Holy Hula Hula ****Pineapple, ginger and ghost peppers




GW’s Mustard BBQ – A south carolina BBQ Classic
Kickin’ Karribean – A sweet jamaican jerk glaze
Ranch – The all-american favorite
Lemon Pepper – A perfect balance of citrus and pper
#HoneyMustard– So good, it will make you tweet!
Garlic Parmesan – Mama Mia! Garlic butter blend sprinkled with parmesan cheese
Buffalo ** – Frank’s red hot buffalo wing
Italian Stallion**– Garlic parmesan with a bit of a kick
Siracha ** – a.k.a. “Japanese Ketchup” with a lot of chile heat
Ranchenero *** – Habanero infused ranch
Hot BBQ *** – Perfect 10 meets the devil sauce
Devil **** – Smoked habaneros purred with even more habaneros
Voodoo***-Kickin’ Karribean with devilish twist

* Just Enough Kick
** Heat Linger A Little Longer
*** For Those Who Like ‘em Hot
**** Order Your Milk Now!




Hand-pattied, 1/2lb USDA choice found chuck, perfectly seasoned and grilled, on a soft baked bun with choice of one perfect side.

All American Hamburger – The classic grill favorite 1/2lb all beef burger $9.50

Mama’s BBQ Burger – Our juicy burger brushed with perfect 10 sauce, topped with grilled onions, applewood bacon, cheddar & jack cheese. $11.00

Onion Haystack Cheese Burger – Juicy burger with fried onion haystack, applewood bacon and American cheese. $11.00

Fiesta Burger – It’s a party in your mouth! Pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, grilled corn salsa, avocado and chipotle mayo. $10.00

Kyle’s Q Burger – Juicy burger with hand pulled pork, our smokey Q sauce, and homemade coleslaw. $10.00

Devil Burger – Hottest burger in town! Pepper jack cheese, our own devil sauce, topped with a whole fire roasted jalapeño. $10.00

Brisket Chili Cheddar Burger – Juicy burger with our award winning briskey chili topped with red onion and shredded cheddar. $11.00



Served with your choice of one perfect side.

Pulled Pork Sandwich (Signature Item!) – Our #1 seller! A hearty helping of slow-smoked, hand-pulled pork on a freshly baked bun. $9.00

The Big Daddy (Award Winner) – Our Texas beef brisket & pulled pork with pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and cole slaw with our golden onion haystack served with our fresh baked yeast roll. $12.00

Maui Wowii Chicken Sandwich – Juicy chicken breast brushed with our award winning pineapple ginger soy sauce, mozzarella and grilled pineapple. $9.00

Doublejack Chicken Sandwich – Juicy chicken breast brushed with our Jack Daniels glaze & topped with applewood smoked bacon, shaved ham and jack cheese. $11.00

Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich – Golden fried chicken breast topped with crisp applewood smoked bacon, monterey jack cheese and drizzled with warm honey. $10.00

Beef Brisket Philly – Chopped brisket, grilled peppers, onions & cheddar cheese on a fresh baked hoagie roll. $12.00

Super Fried Fish Sandwich – A huge, delicious golden fried fillet on a soft yeast roll and served with our homemade tartar sauce. $11.00

Shrimp Po’ Boy – Plump panko breaded shrimp on an artisan baguette with shreded lettuce, tomato, and cajun remouadue. $12.00




Chocolate BBQ Baby Back Ribs (Award Winner) – Sounds crazy – it is! Bug delicious! $9.00

Baby Back Rib Tips (Signature Item!) – Slow roasted rib tips brushed with perfect 10 sauce. $8.00

Onion Haystack – Thinly sliced sweet onions, lightly fried, served with zesty ranch. $7.75

Deviled Eggs – 4 halves $3 / 8 halves $5

Hot Spinach Dip – Cheesy oven baked spinach dip served with fresh tortillas and pita chips. $7.00

Bacon Chili Cheese Fries – Platter of crisp fries topped with our award winning chili, applewood bacon, melted cheddar and scallions with a side of zesty ranch. $8.00

Mozzarella Sticks – Served with marinara sauce $6.00

Triple B chips (Award Winner) – House fried kettle chips with a rich bleu cheese beer sauce, Texas beff brisket, applewood bacon bits and more bleu cheese crumbles. $9.00

Brisket Queso – Homemade queso dip topped with chopped brisket and pico de gallo with fresh fried tortilla chips. $7.50

Pulled Chicken Nachos (Signature Item!) – Fresh tortillas with cheddar cheese sauce, monterey jack, pulled BBQ chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, scallions, and jalapeños. $10.00

Double Pork Potato Skins – Crisp Idaho potato skins with melted cheddar and jack, hickory smoked pork, applewood bacon, sour cream and chives. $8.50

Carolina Chicken Bites – Bite size breast of chicken, hand breaded and fried, choose original or any of our wing sauces, served with zesty ranch dip. $7.50

Shrimp, Crab and Artichoke Dip – A warm, creamy blend of shrimp, crab, artichokes and parmesan cheese with freshly made tortilla chips. $9.00

Mama’s Sampler – Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, Carolina chicken bites, potato skins and our onion haystack. $15.00




BBQ Chicken Flatbread – Perfect 10 sauce base topped with smoked chicken, red onion, mozzarella and fresh cilantro. $8.00

Spinach & Mushroom Flatbread (veggie friendly) – Creamy spinach and cheese base topped with mozzarella, green olives, garlic, mushroom and diced red peppers.$7.00

Shrimp, Crab & Artichoke Flatbread – Creamy shrimp, crab and artichoke base covered with mozzarella. $9.00

Maui Wowii – Our ginger Thi chile sauce, topped with baked ham, pine apple and mozzarella. $8.00




Choose Two Tacos on hand-made tortillas, served with chips and pico de gallo and our queso dip $9.00

Fish Taco – Fried cod with cole slaw, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo.

Pulled Pork Taco – Hickory smoked pork with perfect 10 sauce, cole slaw and grilled corn pico.

Pulled Chicken Taco – Pulled chicken with shredded lettuce, grilled corn pico and chipotle mayo.

Korean BBQ Short Rib Taco – Marinated beef short rib topped with ginger sesame soy slaw, and siracha.

Hot Asian Shrimp Taco – Shrimp & pineapple grilled and brushed with Hot Asian sauce, topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and avocado.




Chicken Pecan Salad – Citrus glaze grilled chicken breast on top of romaine with mandarin oranges, fresh strawberries, roasted pecans and crispy wonton strips, tossed in our homemade citrus vinaigrette. $11.00

Mama’s Special Cobb Salad (Signature Item!) – Fresh mixed greens topped with roasted turkey breast oven-baked ham, cheddar & monterey jack cheese, applewood bacon, grape tomatoes, red onion, honey-roasted almonds, cucumber and garnished with Mama’s deviled eggs. $11.00

Char-Bar Chicken Salad (Signature Item!) – Tender grilled BBQ chicken on top of fresh mixed greens, pico de gallo, black beans, cheddar & monterey jack cheese and crunchy corn tortilla strips tossed in our homemade zesty ranch dressing and served in a freshly made tortilla bowl. $11.00

California Cobb (veggie friendly) (Gluten Free) – Fresh mixed greens topped with colorful rows of diced red peppers, avocado, crasins, granny smith apples, crumbled bleu cheese, diced egg and sugared pecans. $10.00. Add blackened chicken for $12.00

Black & Bleu Chopped Chicken Salad (Gluten Free) – Blackened chicken on top of chopped romaine tossed in our own blush vinaigrette with bleu cheese crumbles, red onion, honey roasted almonds and grade tomatoes. $10.00

Pulled Pork Caesar Salad – Hand-pulled pork on top of romaine, tossed in a caesar dressing with homemade croutons, shredded parmesan cheese and red onion rings. $10.00

South In Your Mouth – Our slow smoked pulled pork on top of mixed greens with shredded jack and cheddar cheese, red onions, applewood smoked bacon, grade tomatoes and cornbread croutons served with BBQ ranch dressing. $11.00

Chopped Honey Lime Salad – Chopped red and green cabbage, romaine, shredded carrots, diced cucumbers, toasted almonds, and crispy won tons tossed with our honey cilantro lime vinaigrette. $8.00 add blackened salmon $13.00

Homemade Dressings: House blush vinaigrette, zesty ranch, honey dijon, bleu cheese, citrus vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, honey cilantro vinaigrette.




With Homemade honey jalapeño cornbread, coleslaw & fries.

Award Winning Baby Back Ribs (Gluten Free) (Award Winner) – Our tender char-grilled baby backs brushed with perfect 10 sauce are what we are all about!!! Full $23/ Medium $19/ Little $14

Baby Back Ribs And One (Signature Item!) – 1/3 baby back ribs plus your choice of 1/4 BBQ chicken, 1/4 smoke fried chicken, Texas beef brisket, hand pulled pro, backyard BBQ wings, or rib tips. $17

Winning Rib Sampler (Award Winner) – Mama’s perfect 10, hot asian, and chocolate BBQ. $22

Bbq Turf & Turf – 1/3 baby back ribs & panko breaded shrimp. $18




Our hickory smoked bbq is prepared gluten free. Served with homemade honey jalapeño cornbread, coleslaw and fries. (Gluten Free)

Award Winning Texas Beef Brisket (Award Winner) – Over 15 hours of low & slow cooking is what makes this Brisket. $16

Hand-Pulled Pork – From the pit-to-the-plate, we hand-pull every order of hickory smoked pork. $13

BBQ Chicken – Hickory-smoked 1/2 chicken lightly dusted with our own BBQ blend then finished off on the char-grill with our perfect 10 sauce. $13

Rib Tip Dinner – Slow-roasted baby back rib tips with our perfect 10 sauce. $13

The Pitmaster’s Platter – Texas beef brisket, hand-pulled pork and smoked chicken. $19

Best BBQ Combo (choose 2 of the following) – Hand-pulled pork • Sliced Texas beef brisket • 1/4 BBQ or smoke fried chicken • baby back rib tips. $15




Served with choice of two perfect sides

Mama’s Smoked Fried Chicken (Signature Item!) – Hickory smoked, buttermilk dipped & breaded! Ooooohhhh were! This fried chicken is good! $14

JD’s Shrimp & chicken Combo – A perfect pair of hickory smoked chicken and shrimp pineapple skewers brushed with our own teriyaki based JD’s sauce. $15

Golden Fried Shrimp – Panko breaded & lightly fried, served with our cocktail sauce. $16

Fried Fish Platter – Lightly breaded and fried, served with homemade tartar sauce. $14

Fire Roasted Salmon (Gluten Free) – Dusted with traditional Lowcountry seasoning and garnished with grilled scallions & lemon. $15

Blackened Shrimp & Chicken Pasta – With sautéed mushrooms and broccoli over linguini in a creamy parmesan sauce. $16




Hand cut, grain-fed USDA choice steaks, served with choice of two perfect sides.
Add 1/3 Rack of Ribs to any steak dinner for $6!

Shrimp & Crab Topped Sirloin – A hearty 10oz. sirloin with a rich shrimp & crab au gratin broiled on top. $19

Big island Ribeye (Gluten Free) – This one will make your taste buds dance! Brushed with our Holy Hula Hula Sauce and a sweet grilled pineapple. $21

Jack Daniels Sirloin – Naturally lean and brushed with our special Jack Daniels sauce topped with sautéed onions. 6 oz cut $12 / 10 oz cut $16

Char-Grilled Ribeye – A juicy, well marbled 12oz cut, lightly seasoned and topped with our golden onion haystack. $23

Black & Bleu Ribeye – A juicy, hand-cut ribeye, blackened, chargrilled and topped with our bleu cheese sauce. $23




MAMA’S FAMILY STYLE PLATTER – Serves 3-4. Add your choice of honey jalapeño cornbread or fresh baked yeast rolls. $44

Choose 2 Meats – Pulled Pork, Texas Beef Brisket(add$2.00), Smoke Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Rib Tips, Fried Shrimp (add $5), Baby Back Ribs (add $6)

Choose 3 sides – Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Dirty Rice, Mashers & Gravy, Collard Greens, Macaroni & Cheese, Carolina Stew, French Fries, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Fries




Baked Beans $2.50
Cole Slaw $2.50
French Fries $2.50
Carolina Stew $2.50
Baked Potato $2.50
Load your baked potato with bacon, cheese & chives $1 extra
Sweet Potato Fries $2.50
Macaroni & Cheese $2.50
Dirty Rice & Gravy $2.50
Mashers & Gravy $2.50
Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing $2.50
Fresh Steamed Broccoli $2.50
Collard Greens $2.50
Green Beans & Almonds $2.50
Citrus Pecan Salad $4.00
Bleu Chop Salad $4.00
House Salad $4.00
Caesar Salad $4.00
Chopped Honey Lime Salad $4.00




Key Lime Pie $10
Choco Chip Pecan Pie with Bacon Graham Crust $12